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CSE 30332 - Project

CSE 30332 - Project Overview

Programming Paradigms

This semester you will be completing a semester-long project individually. You will be developing a website from start to finish. This full-stack developement will closely follow the lectures and homework assignments.

You will choose a website that provides a JSON API to then write a custom front-end for. You will be using Python, Flask, SQL, Javascript, CSS, and HTML to do so.

Project Checkpoints

There will be four project checkpoints during the semester. During each of these you will be required to demonstrate some progress on the completion of your project but these will mostly be centered around planning out your project and demonstrating an understanding of the paradigms involved.

Each of these checkpoints will be worth 25 points and in total they will be 50% of the project grade and 10% of the course final.

Final Report

At the end of the semester you will submit your final project and a written technical report.

Submission Instructions

The project is due at the end of the semester

Grading Rubric

Component Points
Checkpoint 1 25
Checkpoint 2 25
Checkpoint 3 25
Checkpoint 4 25
Final Submission 100
Total 200